To Answer or Not To Answer

Why is it that people feel like when they call your phone you are obligated to answer it. They will call, hang up, and then call right back. You answer, thinking it must be important, and get a “Hey, why didn’t you answer? or Hey, whatcha doing?” This drives me crazy!

So, the other day I was not feeling well and did not feel like talking on the phone. So, whenever my phone rang, I ignored that calls. The next day I got the third degree about why I was not answering my phone. I do not feel like I should be questioned as to why I was not answering the phone I pay the bill! AS stated before, If I do not answer my phone and you need to really reach out to me, send a text or a voice message! Am I the only one that feels this way?


Text or Leave a message

So, I’m known to be very chatty, but once I get home I tend to not want to talk to anymore. I have 2 jobs that require me to talk all the time, so when I get home I just want to relax, no talking! Well, after explaining this to just about everyone I know, they still call and REFUSE to leave a message or send a text. I used to feel bad about not answering, but now I think they should be the ones feeling bad. I’ve told them to leave a message or text me. Since they cannot follow directions, why should I feel bad?